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To use our service, you need an online TfL account which is connected to either your Oyster or Contactless Payment cards and you also need to connect your TfL account with our service.

We have greatly simplified the process and our easy to use form will guide you through the 3 minute process from creating your TfL account to connecting it to our system.

Our founder, a fellow commuter himself, believes that commuters shouldn’t have to pay additional fees to recover what is rightfully theirs.
Visit our ‘free’ page for details on our guarantee and how we fund ourselves

You can claim refunds online for your delayed journeys on the following TfL services:

  1. London Underground
  2. London Overground
  3. Docklands Light Railway
  4. TfL Rail

Any unplanned delay (eg signal failure) caused by TfL is eligible for a refund. However, disruptions such as planned engineering, strikes, security alerts, inclement weather and incidents caused by customers are exempt and are not eligible for a refund.

No, you will not. TfL only refund journeys that were delayed if TfL were the cause of the delay, for example if there was a signal failure at the time of your journey. TfL will reject claims that are made if the cause of the delay was not under their control.

Once you’ve signed up to our service, our systems check automatically for delayed journeys so you can sit back and relax while your refunds come in.

For the London Underground and DLR, a delay of 15 minutes is eligible for a refund, while for the London Overground and TfL Rail, a delay must be 30 minutes.

Our system will send you an email every time we detect that a claim was successful and that you received a refund.
Additionally, TfL will inform you directly via email of the outcome of each claim made.

No, we are not. We have created our own custom portal to save you the time and frustration of having to manually claim back every delayed journey from TfL.


A TfL account can be created online at https://account.tfl.gov.uk/Register. You can travel using TfL services without a TfL account. However, a TfL account allows you to connect your Oyster or Contactless Payment card and keep track of your balance and journey history. A TfL account is required to claim for refunds on delayed journeys.

An Oyster card is a card issued by TfL which you can use to travel on TfL services. A Contactless card is a normal Credit or Debit card that has Contactless capability, which allows you to pay for services by tapping the card on specialised card-readers.

An Oyster or a Contactless card is a physical card used to travel on TfL services. A TfL account is an online account accessed through the TFL website which allows you to view your journey history, cost of journeys and see the remaining credit on your account. You need a TfL account in order to claim your delayed journey refunds.

You will receive back the entire cost of the journey during which a delay occurs. Although from one day to the next this may not seem like much, over the course of the year you could be claiming back a considerable amount.

Yes, but if you claim manually, each individual claim can take 5 minutes to complete and it’s easy to make mistakes as TfL requires a lot of specific journey data. Our automated systems provide all the necessary information quickly and accurately without any manual intervention.

Unfortunately not. The responsibility rests solely on you to make a manual and time consuming claim, which means that most people don’t bother. By using our service, you can sit back and relax while our system claims your refunds on your behalf.

You can claim for journeys as far back as 28 days. Our system checks multiple times within that period, to see if there are refunds due for delays, meaning you do not need to worry about claiming for your delayed journeys yourself.

Yes, we process all past and future journeys that are available in your TfL account and apply for refunds on all the recently delayed journeys. TfL will only refund delayed journeys that have been made within the last 28 days.

Yes, you will. Your refund will be the amount of that journey’s fare.

To register your Oyster Photocard for automatic travel delay refunds, you must create a separate online account at https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk/oyster/link/0004.do besides for your existing online Photocard account.

Please note: In our connect form, you need to enter the credentials of your Oyster account, not your Photocard account.

Successful claims for journeys made on a Contactless card will be refunded directly back on to the payment card used. Successful claims for journeys made on an Oyster card will be credited to your online TfL account as web credit. You can redeem your web credit online and transfer your money into a bank account of your choice.

Once you have received your refund(s) as web credit, you may redeem these credits as a bank transfer into an account of your choice. To do so, simply browse to the web credits section on your TfL account and click Redeem.

If you used a Contactless card to travel, your refund for that journey will appear on your credit card statement. If you travelled by Oyster, your refund goes toward your Web Credit in your online TfL account. You can redeem your Web Credit and transfer the money into a bank account of your choice. To do this, you need to go online on your Oyster account and view your Web Credits. Click Redeem Credits to transfer them to your own bank account.

Simply email with a request to cancel our service and we will terminate your connection within 3 working days.