Privacy Policy

At Train Reeclaim which is a trading name of Reeclaim Limited (to be referred to going forward as ‘Us’ or ‘We’) , there is a heavy emphasis on securing and protecting any information passed on to us by our customers (‘You’). We are thereby looking to address any concerns our customers may have in relation to their personal information and data, about how this information and data is collected and handled, within this Privacy Policy. This Policy extends to all matters regarding the collection, utilisation and storage of personal information and data through our website ( and through our services.  By using our website and our services you are acknowledging and accepting the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


What information do we collect from you?

Upon visiting our website and contracting our services, two distinct forms of information will be collected from you.

Impersonal information will be collected from you immediately upon accessing our website. This information will be utilised in order to gain an insight into the browsing patterns of our website visitors, as well as to facilitate the normative behaviours and workings of the site. Examples of such impersonal information include device type, browser, IP address and data gathered through the use of cookies. Cookies are discussed in further detail below.

Personal information may be collected from you to enable the use of the services we have to offer. To this end, personal information will be collected by your filling out the forms on our website ( and by you linking your TFL account through your TFL username and password thereby providing access to additional personal information. Personal information will therefore be required to enable the use of our services. Any personal information provided by you or available in your TFL account when contracting our services will also be stored by us. Passwords will be stored using a secure encryption method acting as a safeguard against data theft. We may also ask you to complete surveys relating to our services. These completed surveys may then be used for research purposes.

Specific information that we collect about you includes: selected preferences such as whether you opted in for marketing opportunities, estimated number of journeys you travel a week, estimated yearly refund, contact email, full name, gender, IP address,  TFL username / email, TFL Password, full address, phone numbers,  Oyster card number, last 4 digits of Contactless cards, Oyster balance, TFL card nickname, all journey details made on any TFL mode including date, time, stations, mode, cost and any other data that TFL might have about journeys made, journey delayed status, claim status, and refund amounts.

We use this information to help us improve our service,  to enable to us to offer additional services in the future which may of interest to our users,  to contact you and to learn more about our audience in general so that we can attract other people who will likely benefit from our services. We reserve the right to collect additional information in the future that are not mentioned in this policy and to update this privacy policy online accordingly. Any additional information that is required from you will be requested by us using the personal information we hold on record obtained either by your website input or via your TFL account. Should you contact us, we may keep a record of the associated correspondence.

Therefore, any personal information collected from you may be used to improve our website experience and service both for you and for all our users. To this end, personal information obtained through the aforementioned methods may be used to aid in website administration and personalisation for all our services. We keep all our data secure and do not share it with third parties (unless you have expressly indicated that you are happy for us to do so).


The Use of Cookies 

Please see our Cookies Policy page.


Protection of Personal Information

Reeclaim Limited is committed to treating all personal information and data with the utmost security, adhering to the framework provided by the Data Protection Act (1998). In accordance with the Act, you are able to request copies of any information that we hold on you using the contact details given in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this Privacy Policy.  Any request of this type will incur a fee of £10 to cover the admin costs of providing the requested information.

Any third party web content or links on our website ( will be subject to the privacy policies and Terms of Use set in place by those third parties. The usage of personal information will therefore be in accordance with their respective policies. As such, third-party links are activated at your own risk.


Personal Information Transfer, Storage and Access

Personal information and data that is collected through the use of our website ( and through any engagement with our services may be stored outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The same information may be processed by company staff outside the EEA. Any handling of personal information outside the EEA will not be covered by the legal regulations and protections particular to that area. By submitting your personal data to us, you are demonstrating your understanding and acceptance of your personal information and data being transferred, stored and accessed in this manner.

It should be noted by all customers that the transfer of information over the internet bears an intrinsic risk factor. Due to its very nature, the internet cannot be regarded as totally secure. As such, any transmission of data by you directly via an online form or automatically by us via our platform accessing your TFL account, bears an inherent risk, despite any efforts on our part towards the mitigation of that risk.

All personal information and data that is transmitted to us will only be accessed by company staff with the appropriate authority. We have taken steps to protect the data in question through the use of encryptions and similar protective controls such as using SSL in order to prevent access to sensitive data by unauthorised individuals.

The data controller for Reeclaim Limited is Zevi Sternlicht.


Disclosure of Personal Data 

The personal information you supply to us through engaging with our services will only be used for the purposes of executing those services. Personal information that you provide to us will never be passed on to any third-parties without us having first acquired your explicit consent.

Notwithstanding the above assurance, there are cases in which we will reserve the right to pass on your personal information to the relevant parties at our own discretion. Exceptional cases of this kind will be handled in accordance to the Data Protection Act (1998), in conjunction with Section 1159 of the UK Companies Act (2006).

These exceptions are delineated below:

  • If Reeclaim Limited is either selling or buying further businesses and/or assets and the disclosure of client details is required over the course of the transaction
  • If Reeclaim Limited is itself sold, or the majority of its assets are sold
  • To accommodate any legal proceedings that are brought, which involve Reeclaim Limited
  • In cases of fraud protection and credit risk reduction


Your Rights 

You can opt out of any subscriptions, surveys or newsletters which may be offered or sent to you by Reeclaim Limited. This can be done by sending an email to the following email address: The same process may be used to signal your desire to opt out of having your personal information used for marketing purposes.

The content of this policy may be subject to change over time. Changes may be required as new considerations arise which have to be accounted for, such as new or revised services on offer from Reeclaim Limited, or in order to accommodate further legislation. Any updates that are made to this policy will be presented on this web-page. We leave it to the customer to keep abreast of the latest changes to our Privacy Policy by checking back here at any time.


Contact Us

Any further queries or comments relating to our Privacy Policy, or to the way in which we handle your personal information may be directed to the following email address: