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If you have travelled on the Tube, DLR, London Overground or TfL Rail you have almost certainly been delayed on numerous occasions.

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Our sophisticated technology simplifies the claims process to a once-off registration in under 2 minutes, and enables you to enjoy a lifetime of automatic refunds! You can of course choose to manually claim directly with TfL each time you are delayed, or alternatively, connect with our automated platform and let us notify you of every delay and claim your refund on your behalf!


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How do I claim my refund?

Simply create an online TfL account and add your payment methods (Oyster, Contactless cards, other devices). Once created, complete our quick registration process and start enjoying the benefits of our automatic refunds. We are not associated with TfL and have created our own portal to save you the time and frustration of having to manually claim back every delayed journey.




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Which networks provide refunds for delayed journeys?

London Underground


London Overground

TfL Rail

Your Refund In 3 Steps

Create a TfL account

Click on ‘Connect Now’ and log in to your TfL account or create a new online TfL account if you don’t already have one.

Add your travel cards

Add all of your Oyster and/or Contactless cards that you use for travel to your TfL account to get automatic refunds.

Enjoy automatic refunds

You will get email notifications and all successful refunds will be credited into your TfL account.

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Our service in a nutshell…..Q & A

qHi, I came across your service, but I don’t think it applies to me as I am rarely significantly delayed.

aIn many cases, trains are delayed without you even realising that you were delayed. In fact most of our users who received refunds were surprised to learn that they were delayed.

qBut can you check all my journeys for me without myself having to tell you each time that I was delayed?

aOf course. We have developed an advanced way of checking whether your journey was delayed and will automatically claim your refund on your behalf.

qDo I need to have an online TfL account besides for my Oyster and/or Contactless Payment cards to claim?

aYes you do. To claim your delayed journey refunds you need to have an online TfL account which links up to your Oyster and/or Contactless Payment cards. Our Connect form will ask you if you already have an account and if not, you will be redirected to TfL to create an online account. It is essential that after you create your TfL account (and add your Oyster and/or Contactless cards) you return to our connect form to complete the connection or we will not be able to claim your refunds for you.

qOk, sounds great, how much does this service cost?

aOur service is COMPLETELY FREE, which means that you receive 100% of your refund.

qWhere can I read up more about this service?

aPlease see our FAQ page for further information.