Beta Update

/Beta Update

Important Notice
In response to the new TfL update, we have adapted our service and are currently running a beta program only.

Commuters who wish to use this service should first reset their passwords on TfL's website and then Connect via the form below using the new password.

As this is a beta service, you may encounter some issues while using it. Please report any issues via our Beta Feedback Form for us to investigate.

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How many journeys do you travel per week?

Each train connection is a separate journey

Refund Estimate

Your refund over 12 months could be:

Applying for your automatic travel refunds is easy and free!

Simply add your email address below to claim your delayed journey refunds.

*This estimate is based on a mean average for an Oyster commuter (non-capped) who has been delayed on 5% of journeys travelled. This does not serve as a guarantee of how much you will receive as a refund, or that any refund will be due at all.

By clicking Next, you agree to let us contact you about your refunds. See our Privacy Policy.

TfL Account

Your contact email: (not you?)

To claim your refunds, you will need to have an online TfL account.

Have you ever created an online account through the TfL website and linked up your Oyster and/or Contactless payment cards?

TfL Account - Connect

Please log in to your online TfL account in order to start receiving your delayed journey refunds.

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Create your TfL account

In order to claim your automatic refunds you need to have an online TfL account that is connected to your Oyster and/or Contactless Cards.

Creating your account is easy, simply visit the TfL website, create your account and add your Oyster and/or Contactless payment cards.

Don’t forget to return here in order to complete your automated refund claims.

TfL Account - Unsure

Don’t forget to return here in order to complete your automated refund claims.


You are all done! Your account is now successfully connected.

Remember: You need to add all your Oyster and Contactless cards to your TfL account in order to fully benefit from our service.

Our systems will now check for travel delays for:

The last 28 days
Every journey from now on

Every delayed journey identified will automatically be submitted to TfL on your behalf, and every successful refund credited to your Oyster/Contactless card originally used for your journey.

It really is that simple! Look out for our email notifications & enjoy your automatic refunds!

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